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David Finch

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  1. David Finch

    Thanks for this. I recall Kate Mara being (unsurprisingly) brilliant in this. And I also recall someone chopping some onions up in here at the ending.
  2. David Finch

    Another classic to stave off the approaching cabin fever meltdown. So, thanks again for that.
  3. David Finch

    Thanks, Cyber. Love this site; haven't seen this movie in years.
  4. David Finch

    Origin story of the hat. And the snakes! Thanks
  5. David Finch

    Never have watched this, even though I was aware of it. Couldn't tell you why, unless it was partly the Le Beef. Thanks.
  6. David Finch

    Have the dimmest tickle of memory of watching this back in the day. Beyond that, Oliver Platt, comedy; always worth the gander.
  7. David Finch

    Looks interesting, solid Canadian cast.
  8. David Finch

    Well, there's three great actors I never knew did a movie together. So, thanks for that.
  9. David Finch

    This film is both brilliant and ridiculous, so I thank you.
  10. David Finch

    Been thinking about watching this again for a while (and what better, or more apt, time than now), so thanks.
  11. David Finch

    "Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?"
  12. David Finch

    Looks like a Kevin Smith afternoon for me. Snootchie-bootchies.
  13. David Finch

    Not sure if I knew there was an extended cut, so thanks for this.
  14. David Finch

    Thanks for this. Probably my favourite iteration of Cinderella.
  15. David Finch

    Awesome. Thanks for this.
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