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  1. Just finished watching this movie, not sure how i would rate it tho if i had to. Difficult to say if it's a sequel or prequel due to appearance of The Car.
  2. Thanks for the upload guys, confused me but then again that's to hard to do, gore scenes were great tho.
  3. Thanks CG & Barry for this upload, slightly obvious who the killer was but worth watching, cheers guy's. MIK.
  4. This is a fantastic film, had it yrs ago on vhs ( does that make me sound old lol ). Soundtrack is by a german synth/electronic group called Tangerine Dream, saw them in concert in the 80's, pukka group, also did the music for Sorcerer starring James Woods, and Thief starring James Caan. Thanks for the upload CG. M.I.K.
  5. Any chance of a vshare or xdrive link Barry !! Much appreciated if you can. M.I.K.
  6. Nope...tried that but to no avail, not to worry .
  7. Ok thanks for looking into it for me CG...aint we the lucky one lol. I might of deleted a programe somewhere along the line.
  8. Is there problems with openload link ?, i keep getting a message saying Your devicehasbeen disconnected from the network, connect to a network and try again.
  9. Thanks for the upload CG, that brightened up a usually boring Sunday woop woop. M.I.K.
  10. Great Film cheer's Barry. M.I.K.
  11. Can you reup this film with vshare please if possible thank you. M.I.K.
  12. Oh my day's, this film brings back memories, i remember staying up late as a teenager waiting for my older brother to come home from work and wondering what pirate video he brought home that night, this was one of many that i remember, thanks Barry for the upload, your a star. M.I.K.
  13. Thanks for the upload CG, appreciate it. M.I.K.
  14. Great film with Nancy Parsons from pre Porky's fame.
  15. Damn, can't get any of these link's to download for some reason.
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