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  1. ManInKent

    Wow what an awesome film that was, JT played his role superbly, oscar winner written all over it.
  2. ManInKent

    Gooood morning CG, is this film a follow up to Mr cleaver ?.
  3. ManInKent

    Thank you for this film CG, this one and astronaut are two of his best film's to date...in my humble opinion that is. M.I.K
  4. ManInKent

    Thank you CG for this upload, made a change to see a different spin on zombies, roll on the sequals. M.I.K
  5. ManInKent

    Wow what a film, except for the dreadful music that is, plenty of gore galore, and for once in a B-Movie....no bimbo with her wobbly bit's hanging out. Top film, thank's for the upload CG, M.I.K
  6. ManInKent

    Cheer's CG for this film aswell, now all i have to do is find the time to watch them lol, M.I.K
  7. ManInKent

    Thanks for the other links guy's i appreciate it. M.I.K
  8. ManInKent

    Can't download from those link's for some reason, any chance of an openload link please, greatly appreciated. M.I.K
  9. ManInKent

    Brilliant film, used to to have this on vhs many moon's ago but lost whilst moving, loved the bickering from his 2 assistants, Jay Leno who became a chat show host and Fran Drescher who starred in the tv series The Nanny. Many thanks for the request and upload, M.I.K
  10. ManInKent

    That download was fast, it downloaded by the time it took me to make and drink a cup of tea, thank you for the speedy download guys.
  11. ManInKent

    What an awesome film that was, could of done with a few more immigrants to hunt down rather than focus on just 2, but none the less totally brilliant concept. Cheers guy's.
  12. ManInKent

    Thank you CG for that, much appreciated.
  13. ManInKent

    As the title say's "The Final Chapter", was there a film or two before it ?.
  14. ManInKent

    Wow, what an awesome film that was, total different perspective of the original, hope i worded that right. Highly recommended film, thanks for the upload guys.
  15. ManInKent

    Many thanks CG, much appreciated.
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