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  1. lilevil1955

    You don't have any more fights do you? Belator or UFC?
  2. lilevil1955

    Thank you Cyber Girl... Been going through withdrawals waiting for some MMA. You're awesome luv.
  3. lilevil1955

    Thank you.
  4. lilevil1955

    Thank you Cyber Girl.
  5. lilevil1955

    Thank you Barry.
  6. lilevil1955

    Not bad. Audio is a bit difficult to understand but the film held my interest. Or was it the female detective? hmmmmm, lol. Thank you for the view. (RonnieC)
  7. lilevil1955

    Good film,,,, for a "Lifetime" film. Thank you.
  8. lilevil1955

    Thanks Barry.
  9. lilevil1955

    Thank you Cyber Girl.
  10. lilevil1955

    Thank you.
  11. lilevil1955

    Thanks CG.
  12. lilevil1955

    Thanks Barry.
  13. lilevil1955

    Yay! Thank you Cyber Girl.
  14. lilevil1955

    Thank you Cyber Girl.
  15. lilevil1955

    Cool. Thank you for the upload CG. This is a film perhaps everyone should see. Dicey topic of the women versus men syndrome we all experience at some point. It delves into areas most people fight hard to ignore - even the true and common victims of society - men. Thanks again.
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