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  1. SevenPlanets

    Thanks, CyberGirl. I really enjoyed this one. Suspense is nail-biting quality and the creature effects awesome especially at the end. Cheers! SevenPlanets 🙂
  2. SevenPlanets

    Thank you Cybergirl!
  3. 7P, good to see you here!! Nah, don't worry, your reputation is all good here! Where have you been? Been ages since I visited VeeHD? ;)

  4. hi 7P!!!! Very good to see you!!!  :hi-wave:

    1. graffman


      Nice One...I remember Seven Planets..

      Obi Wan Kenobi Hello GIF by Star Wars

    2. SevenPlanets


      Yes! I've been a stranger too long! Good to come here and be greeted by you and others. Thank you! ?

      Hey do an emoji search for moon if you want to laugh!

  5. SevenPlanets

    I've been dying to see this film. Thank you! 7P :-)
  6. Hi, I'm SevenPlanets, aka 7P from VeeHD. I have a poor reputation here, but I think I'll stick around anyway! ?

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    2. POPz


      Welcome 7P ....Animaux-Crabe-9.gif

    3. Terp Girl

      Terp Girl

      Seven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where have you been??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to have you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the party can begin. face-with-finger-covering-closed-lips_1f92b.png

      Rugby Union Sport GIF by Rugby World Cup

    4. Plasta38


      7P! Used to love your collection on VeeHd

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