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  1. Eye-Scream

    A nice return in Zombieland... thanks for your links.
  2. Eye-Scream

    The approval is quite normal. What a "Quick draw" with these new links, this is great ! Thanks a lot...
  3. BTW, message to all of you: you should absolutely watch this if you're a Star Trek fan (and, of course, especially a DS9 fan) This is a great documentary, very well made, original and funny.
  4. French weirdo... I'm new here :)

    1. sigmacademy


      No problem Eye-Scream... we're a community of "weirdos"? ;)

  5. Eye-Scream

    Hi ! :) my reply doesn't need to be approved/published... only to inform you that all the links are dead. Your site is great but maybe you should think about a "flag" for these situations for those (like me) who'd like to "participate" Have a nice day
  6. Nice to find this around here... Thanks a lot !
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