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  1. Hi!  I'm a veehd.com refugee and hope to be visiting Barry and Cyber Girl's site often.  I'm an 18 year old boy trapped in a 68 year old man's body, fortunately still in petty good shape, and of course I love movies.  All kinds of movies, although mostly horror and sci-fi flicks, and I'm in seventh heaven these days because they are finally making the superhero movies that have been playing in my head since I was a kid, long before I became an old goat.  

    Not sure what else to say.  I'm still single.  ? And if you happen to be youngish, attractive, available and have a grandfather fetish, I'm your guy!  But seriously (like I wasn't serious!) I just wanted to say Hi … so I did.  

    Happy Movie Watching!


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    2. Terp Girl

      Terp Girl

      Hi Hugh,

      Its good to see some refugees from the Vee. I am as well and welcome to the site!

    3. Hugh


      There's probably a lot of us out there - Veehd refugees - although not exactly fresh off the boat after all this time.  Thanks for the welcome!

    4. Trek


      Welcome to the Machine. And I thought I was the only one turning to dust as I sleep. I've been around since Quicksilverscreen. You've come to a good home.

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