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  1. Hi!  I'm a veehd.com refugee and hope to be visiting Barry and Cyber Girl's site often.  I'm an 18 year old boy trapped in a 68 year old man's body, fortunately still in petty good shape, and of course I love movies.  All kinds of movies, although mostly horror and sci-fi flicks, and I'm in seventh heaven these days because they are finally making the superhero movies that have been playing in my head since I was a kid, long before I became an old goat.  

    Not sure what else to say.  I'm still single.  😉 And if you happen to be youngish, attractive, available and have a grandfather fetish, I'm your guy!  But seriously (like I wasn't serious!) I just wanted to say Hi … so I did.  

    Happy Movie Watching!


    1. Cyber Girl

      Cyber Girl

      welcome to the site...

    2. Terp Girl

      Terp Girl

      Hi Hugh,

      Its good to see some refugees from the Vee. I am as well and welcome to the site!

    3. Hugh


      There's probably a lot of us out there - Veehd refugees - although not exactly fresh off the boat after all this time.  Thanks for the welcome!

  2. Hugh

    Terrific! Tried for DEVILISH TALES, curious about it but knew it would be one of those low low low budget amateur movies I'd skip through and deleted, I got it, and it is. 🙂 Backtracked a bit and there were 2 new links to THE GOLEM not available to me before I registered (or re-registered) and I chose the verystream link as I'm familiar with it and now I have THE GOLDEM to watch tonight. Neat! Thanks. Encourages me to return!
  3. Hugh

    Not approved yet? Or do all the links only lead to File Not Found? Somehow I missed THE GOLEM 2019 when it was first released and now no one has it to DL. Ah well. Guess I'll start looking for discounted "previously owned" DVD copies of it. Movies posted everywhere, it seems, must be grabbed quickly before they are pulled off the Net. Arghhh! 🙂
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