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  1. Hello Barry, you rewarded my patience. I was waiting for the 3D. I can hardly wait to see it. Thank you
  2. Thank you Barry. I did not see this yet. I think I'll wait for the 3D version when it's available. Keep rockin' dude.
  3. Hi Barry, I parrot what faxerby said because he's right on the money. I didn't expect to see this in 3D Thank you Barry again and again. Best wishes to you & yours!
  4. It's Dragon season Thanks a bunch Barry
  5. Hello Cyber Girl, file was deleted Any 1080p releases available?
  6. Think I'll wait for 1080p version. Thanks Cyber Girl.
  7. An awesome 1080p post Mr. Barry B. I Haven't seen this yet. I admit, I Love me some 1080p BluRay. Thank U!
  8. This request takes me back. I'm glad u thought of it Toadborg.
  9. I agree faxerby. It is a 7/10 movie & it was better than the 1st. Right on the money!
  10. Hi Barry, this post is Absolutely Marvelous! Thank U very much 4 sharing this.
  11. I was suprised to see how good an actor Justin Timberlake was in this. and it was no cameo appearance.. Thank U Cyber G!
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