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  1. Hey Barry, hope you have a great weekend bro. I appreciate you and the atmosphere you created here. Thank you so much!
  2. All I can say right now is "Barry, You da' Man!" Thank you!
  3. Hi Barry, if at all possible please re-post this when you get the chance. Thank you
  4. Good day Barry. I hope all is well & Thank you very much for posting this. I can't believe it. It looks like I missed this originally. Please re-post it if still available. Best wishes to you & yours good buddy
  5. Great action. The motorcycle chase in this "Flix" is phenomenal in 3D. Whoa!
  6. Faxerby is right on the money Barry....You're on fire! This is an awesome surprise. Thank you very much
  7. I apologize Barry. After I double checked, I did get the 3d hsbs link Thank you
  8. Hi Barry this is good bluray Any 3d hsbs links available?
  9. OMG! You posted one of the all time greats of manga (imao ). The movie was based on this flix. This movie shows the future of Law Enforcement. Remember Dick Tracy's wrist watch back in the 60's. Well have you seen the apple watch? Could the future tech already be here? This post is a special memory for me. Thank you Cyber Girl, U Rock!
  10. Aewesome Thank you Cyber Girl, Best Wishes!
  11. Hey Barry, thank you very much for poting this one. You are the super-hero here bro. TC
  12. This movie is one of the best real-life depictions of a man of color [Solomon Northup] and his experience back in the day when physical slavery existed. Possibly the beginnings of terrorism? There were no street lights back then. Imma drop the mic right there. Based on a true story...It will bring you to the edge of your seat. Enjoy!
  13. Hello Barry, you rewarded my patience. I was waiting for the 3D. I can hardly wait to see it. Thank you
  14. Thank you Barry. I did not see this yet. I think I'll wait for the 3D version when it's available. Keep rockin' dude.
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