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  1. Thank you, I've been waiting to see this
  2. Don't know if it's my comp but tried downloading twice & out of sync. Have been waiting to see this one, thank you
  3. Thank you, l thought it might have been my eyes lol
  4. Thank you for this. Just wondering if others that have downloaded it have a quiver in their copies? Thanks
  5. This was quite a surprise, enjoyed it very much. Thank you
  6. Thanks for a good copy & enjoyed especially the Live Aid concert.
  7. Any chance of a re-up please?
  8. Very very good movie, most kids & young adults should watch this. Thank you for posting this one
  9. Just downloaded using the other openload link you put up & works perfectly. Thank you once again
  10. Yes l just downloaded the other openload link (so done both) and both out of sync. I did try just playing the movie without downloading and it worked fine. Any suggestions?
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