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Everything posted by Grofaz1940

  1. Grofaz1940

    WOO HOO! One of my favorite pieces of schlock! THANK YOU !!!!
  2. Grofaz1940

    THANK YOU! This is excellent!!!!
  3. Grofaz1940

    Sorry guys, this BLOWS! A Shakespearean Travesty of the most egregious sort.
  4. Grofaz1940

    THANK YOU!!!!
  5. Grofaz1940

    Yippee!!!!! THANKS!
  6. Grofaz1940

    THIS is just outstanding! One of the most profoundly brilliant labors of love I have EVER seen. Full 10/10 on everything. REAL genius at work here. THANK YOU!!!!
  7. Grofaz1940

    THANK YOU! Been looking for this!
  8. Grofaz1940

    THANK YOU! Any chance of the German Original by Lang?
  9. Grofaz1940

    THANK YOU!!!!!
  10. Grofaz1940

    THANK YOU! Love this bit of dreadful!
  11. Grofaz1940

  12. Grofaz1940

    WOW! Thank you!
  13. Grofaz1940

    WOO-HOO! Thank you!
  14. Grofaz1940

    Oh Lord yes! This is FABULOUS!
  15. Grofaz1940

    OOOOO!!!!! SPLENDID! I haven't seen this version! THANK YOU!!!!
  16. Grofaz1940

    AWESOME!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
  17. Grofaz1940

    OH YAY! Yes, please, the whole series if you can find it! THANK YOU!!!!
  18. Grofaz1940

    YES!!!! THANK YOU! Any of the Beeb Ghost Stories are MOST welcome!!!!
  19. Grofaz1940

    Oh GREAT!!!!! Seriously, I was a wee tot and saw this at the drive in with my parents and it scared the howling jeebers out of me. Roddie McDowell's voice gave me flashbacks for years. THANK YOU, maybe,,,I think.....
  20. Grofaz1940

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
  21. Grofaz1940

    oh YESSSS! THANK YOU! One of the "Ghost Stories for Xmas" productions I think.
  22. Grofaz1940

    One of the very few "found footage" things I found entertaining. The underlying story is truly creepy as hell and a personal favorite THANK YOU!!!!
  23. Grofaz1940

    Finally got round to watching this. VERY power! Should be required viewing before every election!
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