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  1. Toadborg

    love this film, nice one CG
  2. Toadborg

    love these movies, pretty good animatronics for the time, cheers CG
  3. Toadborg

    ya know the sequel to this is called the woman, https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1714208/ it's not too bad
  4. Toadborg

    love this film, it comes second after macgruber the best of snl films, also undercover brother is awesome , oh and night at the roxberry lol, cheers guys n gal's
  5. Toadborg

    Absolutely loved this, was proper on the edge of my seat. What a film, raddclife n supp cast awesome. cheers CG and BARRY you legends
  6. Toadborg

    loved this cheers guys n gals, you legends
  7. Toadborg

    dodgy cgi for the time but the prostetics are MWAaaa , more films need the practical FX now i recon
  8. Toadborg

    you guys n gals are on fire today, thank you so much for this i love hp lovecraft and nic cage is a defo bonus. you are gods amongst us mere mortals lol
  9. Toadborg

    nice one CG
  10. Toadborg

    cheers for that guys n gals. what a sad end to something that could of been a great reinvention, but just follows all the tropes and leaves things ? And thats, that i suppose . . . oh well at least the mandalorian rocks, it's strange how john faverough can bring something to you you never tought you wanted? . . . . . . eg IRON-MAN which in a sense started the proper mcu. So maybe if he had the reigns who knows? just a thought, let mi know if ya agree or not or just ya thoughts on pop culture in genral, i've been seeing the red lights for a while now and with all this PC gone mad stuff the bubble will burst again, but no doubt have another flurry in ten years when you won't even know if its the actor or cg composoite...and the actor recorded all the lines at home having a brew. unless the voice stuff gets really good and then we are buggered lol. im sure there was a film with al pacino where they made up a cg actor it's a well old film, but some say products of the past fore shadow the future?
  11. Toadborg

    another class film in the same day. you're on a roll CG MMMmmmwwwwaaaa
  12. Toadborg

    love this film such a classic cheers CG your a legend as always
  13. Toadborg

    cheers for the link guys n gals. i aint gonna mince mi words here ..... but? . . . . HANDS DOWN the worst film iv'e seen in years. And i really liked the first one and the third was ok, but this is just WWWWWHHHHHHYYYYYY
  14. Toadborg

    hi guys any chance of gammovideo or vshare link would be greatly appreciated
  15. Toadborg

    bloody love this film, cheers CG you legend, just when i could'nt think of something to watch. MMWWWAAAaaaaaaaaaa
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