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  1. absolutely awesome film, hope they do a sequel, it's by the same folks who did YOU'RE NEXT and IT follows, which are both good films aswell . cheers CG you star.
  2. cheers BARRY loved this film in mi youth lol
  3. someone is reading my mind? MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol
  4. cheers CG, i enjoyed that, a bit of an odd one to get into but good
  5. I enjoyed that, no spielberg or lucas fx but a good giggle, cheers CG
  6. different will need to see a better copy, but not bad overall, cheers guys n gals
  7. absolutely love this blast from the past cheers barry you star
  8. It's odd to say but i found this a lot of fun, without the F in ,N JFn. not great ,but good and still fun as hell, Thanks guys n gals
  9. really enjoyed that one cheers guys n gals
  10. hi guys, any chance of vshare link, would be mucho appretiated
  11. really suprised by that one cheers CG
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