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  1. Toadborg

    sorry for havin a vent, just annoys me when things have a similiair name and over shadow something that may be good that people miss because of a name sake. i know it's perdantic of me. But does make you wonder what other gems go unlooked due to a name sakes bad review
  2. Toadborg

    can't beleieve this atrosoty is over shadowing the real being frank, Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story, which for those unsure is where they got the idea of the frank head in the 2016 frank film. which is awesome, wow a lot of franks there lol. anyhoo check the doc out if you can it's nice
  3. Toadborg

    cheers for that CG, was a strange one indeed but i enjoyed it
  4. Toadborg

    nice one CG love this film and kelly le brock thank you it's been a while since ve seen this
  5. Toadborg

    love this movie, hope the series holds up, it looks good. cheers CG
  6. once again pulling on the nstalgia strings, lol cheers CG your a legend
  7. Toadborg

    cheers CG i really enjoyed that
  8. Toadborg

    you guys just keep tugging at mi heart strings lol, love this film
  9. Toadborg

    cheers guys n gals, i enjoyed that, nice to not have vin diesel scowelling every 10 mins lol
  10. Toadborg

    cheers CG your a legend
  11. Toadborg

    this is one of my fave films of all time, cheers barry you nostalgia legend
  12. Toadborg

    really liked this one, thanks guys n gals you legends as always
  13. Toadborg

    PRIMAL FEAR, i love this film, one of ed nortons best roles i reckon. cheers CG
  14. cheers for that CG, nice to hear some of the classics
  15. Toadborg

    absolutaly awesome, i love neesan , shame this did'nt get more recognition, cheers guys n gals youre the bestest mwa
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