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  1. Toadborg

    cheers for the link guys n gals. i aint gonna mince mi words here ..... but? . . . . HANDS DOWN the worst film iv'e seen in years. And i really liked the first one and the third was ok, but this is just WWWWWHHHHHHYYYYYY
  2. Toadborg

    hi guys any chance of gammovideo or vshare link would be greatly appreciated
  3. Toadborg

    bloody love this film, cheers CG you legend, just when i could'nt think of something to watch. MMWWWAAAaaaaaaaaaa
  4. Toadborg

    Heard great things of this film.... psychologists at screenings and so forth coz it's that intense a film? mi own opinion the quaks were there to explain to folks what has happend to 2 hours of there life gone missing lol, someting i'll never get bk lol. but do not beleive the hype, it's no worse than the remake of last house on the left. but each to their own lol
  5. Toadborg

    at the end i thought the jeep was gonna fly bk at the screen like in back to future lol, it might of saved this film lol If you love the terminator and T2 do not watch this unless you want a good giggle the pandoring is horendous. why cant a film just be a bloody film without retcon-ing everything? ha thats what this should have been called TERMINATOR RET-CON, lol just a thought. still love the rev 9 design tho, the endo skeleton not the liquid crap. any hoo enjoy
  6. Toadborg

    I really like this version, cheers BARRY
  7. Toadborg

    Brilliant film absoulutely love this, it's when britsh indie horror was good EG cherry tree lane and eden lake, both still hold up and scare the creeps out of me? The thought of little shite's feeling entitled and getting away with .....well you'll have to watch those films lol, a nightmare for us all im sure lol Happy october ya'll
  8. Toadborg

    ARGHHHhhhhh BISTO, the nostlge keeps cooming lol. cheers BARRY you nostalgia string pulling mad man, meens something else i have to watch lol, why i outta Mucho
  9. Toadborg

    Rreally enjoyed that, don't get what all the fuss and hoo haa is about, it's just an oreet film. What happend to movies just being left to their own devices and being entertainment, serious subjects or not they, are just films not blueprints for life. Reality tv has more to answer for than any films evermade. Folks need to get a grip, i watched commando as a kid i didn't grow up wanting an arsenal of weapons to kill folks lol. instead i think how camp bennet's run is in the film lol. But yea Joker....... oreet, enjoy. cheers CG, BARRY
  10. Toadborg

    cheers for that one guys, iv'e been a big fan of the corpses saga, unfortunately zombies other films are a bit meh. But i enjoyed this, not a great deal of sid haig sadly, but it's a nice thing they do here. The film starts very slo-burn but after a couple of pacing issues it gets stuck into what it's good at. Overall i really liked it. cheers guys n gals
  11. Toadborg

    all verystream links down
  12. Toadborg

    Awesome film, strays here an there but what a satiriacal film, brill. i think this is bales best ever coz he gave a lot of people a character they'd never heard of. Anyhoo rant over, watch . in your own time
  13. Toadborg

    This is a great film, should become a classic i recon
  14. Toadborg

    LOVE this film
  15. That was awesome cheers again CG. my only complaint is that at about 1 hour 30 it becomes a diversity thing for a few mins, there was just no need lol CRINGE
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