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  1. Toadborg

    cheers CG your a legend
  2. Toadborg

    this is one of my fave films of all time, cheers barry you nostalgia legend
  3. Toadborg

    really liked this one, thanks guys n gals you legends as always
  4. Toadborg

    PRIMAL FEAR, i love this film, one of ed nortons best roles i reckon. cheers CG
  5. cheers for that CG, nice to hear some of the classics
  6. Toadborg

    absolutaly awesome, i love neesan , shame this did'nt get more recognition, cheers guys n gals youre the bestest mwa
  7. Toadborg

    what a strange film?
  8. Toadborg

    love this film cheers BARRY you legend
  9. Toadborg

    cheers for that CG it was a bit different, but fun anway, i dont get all the hate? it's a fun film
  10. Toadborg

    after another watch, i really liked this, a bit of other films mixed in there, but other than that a solid watch. i was gonna type sumin else ive forgot lol
  11. Toadborg

    cant come out and play, original synopsis- A couple who keeps their sick son in a secluded environment find their controlled lives challenged by a young girl who moves in next door.
  12. Toadborg

    this is an awesome film, nice one CG
  13. Toadborg

    another classic cheers CG
  14. Toadborg

    cheers BARRY , CG been looking forward to this
  15. Toadborg

    the soundtrack to this is awesome, cheers CG
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